Meet the Speakers


Pamela McCauley

North Carolina State University

She Wins – We Win:  

The Organizational, Economic and Societal Benefit of Supporting Women in STEM and Innovation:  A Global Imperative 

The considerable financial and talent-related costs of losing an average of 52% of women in science,  technology, and engineering mid-career has been well-documented (Hewlett et al., 2008); in the United States alone, approximately 3,000 PhD-trained women leaving science, technology, engineering, and  mathematics (STEM) result in an economic loss of US $1.5 billion per year (Rosser & Taylor, 2008).  

The impact of improving the STEM education and career opportunities for women is an issue of national  importance and is impacting America’s innovation potential, national security and global position as a  leader in innovation. Dr. Pamela McCauley, professor, innovator, entrepreneur and former National  Science Foundation Program Director provides an impactful keynote grounded in the theoretical literature  and practical solutions to address one of the nation’s most critical human capital crises: Women Leaving  STEM Careers.  

Dr. McCauley delivers a solution driven approach in this workshop to address this persistent organizational  risk and offers well researched approaches, best practices and practical solutions that organizations can  readily adapt for integrate into a corporate culture to stop the hemorrhaging loss of essential female STEM  talent. The solutions and guidelines are presented in a manner that allows adaptation among the  individual STEM employees, leadership and within organizational culture. Dr. McCauley will also share  scholarly literature and strategies from her book, Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and  Innovation: Inspiration and Strategies for Women published in 2013 by Elsevier as well as examples of  organizational changes, formal personal development opportunities as well as professional development  support have been pivotal in recruiting, retaining and advancement for women in STEM careers. Finally,  the inspirational tone of this keynote address will encourage, enlighten and empower women to persist  and soar in their chosen careers and continue to positively and powerfully impact the world through 

Dr. Pamela McCauley is an internationally recognized Industrial Engineering researcher in the  development of mathematical models, ergonomics, biomechanics, and leadership in STEM. She serves as  the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Wilson College of Textiles  at North Carolina State University. She is an energetic and impactful keynote speaker as well as an award winning educator on a mission to empower othersto succeed in STEM educational, career, and innovation goals. Author of over 100 technical publications, an internationally-used ergonomics textbook, and  several inspiring books on STEM leadership, Dr. McCauley previously served as the Director of the  Ergonomics Laboratory in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Central Florid as  well as previously holding the position of Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Associate Professor of Aeronautics  and Astronautics at MIT. In addition to her academic leadership, Dr. McCauley is a seasoned entrepreneur,  innovator and expert witness. In From January 2018 to June 2020, Dr. McCauley served as Program  Director for the National Science Foundation, Computer Information Science and Engineering  Directorate’s I-Corps Program. Dr. McCauley is a fellow of both the Institute of Industrial and Systems  Engineers (IISE) and the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).

Assunta Vigliante

Sirius X-ray Solutions

From Academia to Industry

Dr. Assunta Vigliante is the CEO of Sirius X-ray Solution GmbH in Germany. Assunta received the PhD in Physics from the University of Houston, TX in 1994 and after that had academic positions starting with a post-doc at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Visiting Professor at SUNY at Stony Brook and Team Leader at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart. She has received a DOE Research Fellowship award at BNL, an NSF Visiting Professorship award at SUNY at Stony Brook and an EU Marie Curie Research Award at the Max Plank in Stuttgart. In 2001 she joined Bruker AXS in Karlsruhe, Germany where she had several positions in R&D, product development and last as Vice President for the Semiconductor Industry. In 2015 she founded Sirius X-ray solutions GmbH, which provides X-ray solutions for synchrotron users, semiconductor industry and material science research. She has been active in STEM programs at BNL, SUNY and at the ICTP (Institute for Theoretical Physics in Italy). In the talk, I will discuss my work and family challenges/ achievements as a woman in science, the skills needed in an industrial environments, future opportunities and the international aspects related to a career in physics.